The four most important techniques used in fighting COVID-19
01-04-2020 1 year ago

Four of the most important techniques to work in the fight against Corona COVID-19 Techniques used in the fight against Corona The outbreak of the new Corona virus epidemic Covid-19 showed the extent of the importance of advanced technology in general and the techniques that are used in the fight against Corona in particular so it was for robots and drones, estimated to share Great for large countries such as China to use in its war against the epidemic. Since the beginning of the crisis and the spread of the virus from China, Chinese President Xi Jinping has said that the epidemic control cannot be achieved without the support of science and technology.

We recall the most important techniques used in the face of Corona COVID-19 1- Robots The smart robots had a stake in most aspects of the epidemic process, from the robot that plays the role of pathogen, which examines tens of people at one time in addition to the robots that perform the sterilization process, then the delivery robots Requests, and wandering robots that detect casualties on the street and give voice advice to pedestrians.

Nurse Robot: The robots had an active role in the medical field where it was used well and useful as a nurse replacer or a nurse working efficiently as well, it can serve 20 thousand patients, where the robots deliver food and medicine to patients, and provide them with basic information about the virus and ways to deal with it.

Meanwhile, patients are examined by fifth-generation thermometers, to alert employees of any temperature rise, and patients also wear smart bracelets with sensors, which have been synced with the CloudMinds artificial intelligence platform so their vital signs can be monitored.

3- Artificial Intelligence was the huge data size that China has available on its citizens, which it previously collected in several ways either through a smart algorithm that combines the health record and the criminal file, or through the travel map through public transport, so that the Chinese government can, and through these data By making the most and great benefit to know all the people who have had contact with any person who has the disease and then perform the quarantine process.

4- Smart applications, and because all countries around the world called on their citizens to adhere to their homes and not go out or mingle, people had a great approach and because of the quarantine, to the large use of their smart devices and the Internet. Either to follow the news, especially Corona news, or work from home via the Internet, or to communicate with their families, friends, or communities, or to hold private meetings approved by some governments and companies, and many others. All that was mentioned previously was its dependence on some smart applications available for modern devices that provide these services.